Workshop dates and venues in the UK can be found on my other site. I am also available to come to your venue providing certain criteria are met.

Do I need to attend a workshop? While wetplate isn't inherently difficult troubleshooting can be difficult. I would recommend going on a workshop if you can. Before attending a workshop I would recommend you ask and check with the tutor what will be covered. How many people will attend a workshop? (I teach a maximum of four on my own or six if I am assisted). Will chemistry be covered explaining what each individual component does? Will you get a comprehensive manual? Does the tutor have experience in teaching? Will you get to make images of different sizes? Will the tutor explain the different types of cameras and lenses suitable for wetplate and will you get to try them? Is the tutor a practicing wetplate artist? Can the tutor show you his or her work first hand or on a website? Is the workshop two days or longer? (In my opinion wetplate cannot be learnt in one day). If the answer to any of these is no I would recommend not going on that particular workshop.

I believe my workshops are the most comprehensive available in the UK and I provide full support to my students who wish to practice wetplate on their own. The workshops are held over two days and cover:

• Cameras and lenses (old and modern)
• Other equipment needed
• Chemistry, including health and safety
• Substrates: both traditional and contemporary such as glass, metal and acrylic
• Preparing, exposing, processing and finishing plates

You will be given a 40 page workshop manual.

Students will have the chance to make positive images on glass (ambrotypes), metal (tintypes) and acrylic (acrylotypes?!) plates of different sizes using a variety of cameras and lenses.

I supply collodion kits and silverboxes to students at a 10% discount. (No discount on silver nitrate).

I can also tailor workshops to your individual needs including one to one tuition and am happy to travel throughout the world. Please contact me with your requirements here.

I have taught over 550 students worldwide from every continent. Blogs from previous students:

Anita Chowdry
Jenn Brookes
Richard P J Lambert
Anita Chowdry
Kirstin McKee and Tom Standage
Jon Rowe
Jackie MacRae
Casey Carlin
Suzi Livingstone
Loughborough University
Tim Ingmire
Martin Saint
Tony Platt
Tamara Kuzminski
Gareth Gardner
Anita Farkas
Films Not Dead

For further information and to book please email me via my contact page here.

I also run gum bichromate, cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown workshops. Please contact me here. for rates.

I have:
• COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health certification).
• Enhanced CRB check.
• Insurance.
• PTLLS teaching qualification.